110 George St, Parramatta (The Octagon)

Sold in December 2014 (50% Share)

The Octagon Parramatta is an iconic octagonal-shaped building located in the heart of Parramatta’s CBD. The Octagon consists of 6 storeys of commercial office space, ground floor retail and commercial office space, as well as secure basement parking. The office and retail spaces of The Octagon envelop a grassy central courtyard, where you will find restaurants and an onsite cafe.

The Octagon Parramatta was purchased with Property Funds Australia as a joint venture partner, where both parties bought equal shares of 50% each.

Key Details

Purchase Date:
May 2007 (50% Share)

Purchase Price:
$39M (50% Share)

Sale Date:
December 2014

Sale Price:
$40.8M (50% Share)

Percentage of Ownership:

Structure of Ownership:
Joint Venture Partner

Principal Use:
Commercial Office, Retail

Capital Expenditure:

$4.4M (50% Share)

110 George St, The Octagon Parramatta

110 George St, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia