307 Queen St, Brisbane

Sold in December 2013

307 Queen St Brisbane is a 27-storey office tower in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD. Located on the corner of Queen and Creek Streets, the building includes two basement levels of parking for 91 cars, a ground and mezzanine level, and 26 storeys of office space.┬áCompleted in 1978, 307 Queen St┬áhas undergone several refurbishments, including a major refurbishment in 1996.

Key Details

Purchased Date/s:
September 2002 (1/3)

October 2005 (2/3)

Purchase Price:
$20.1M (1/3), $56.9M (2/3)

Sale Date:
December 2013

Sale Price:

Percentage of Ownership:


Structure of Ownership:


Principal Use:

Commercial Office, Retail

Capital Expenditure:


307 Queen St, Brisbane

307 Queen St, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia