4 Zadoc St, Lismore

Sold in May 2012

4 Zadoc St Lismore is a commercial office building located on the fringe of the Lismore CBD. The modern 3-storey building was constructed shortly after the land was purchased by Clarence Property Corporation for $400,000 in April 2005 . Construction costs came to $5.25M, and the property was later sold in May 2012 for $5.85M.

4 Zadoc Street Lismore from the street

Key Details

Purchase Date:
April 2005

Purchase Price:
$400,000 (Land Only)

Sale Date:
May 2012

Sale Price:

Percentage of Ownership:

Structure of Ownership:

Principal Use:
Commercial Office

Capital Expenditure:

4 Zadoc St, Lismore

4 Zadoc Street, Lismore, New South Wales, Australia