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Our Investment Approach

We are committed to delivering monthly income to our investors through a diversified property portfolio. Our team of experienced property and finance professionals work to ensure value and transparency for our investors.  

We provide investors with access to diversified property investments without them being burdened with the obligations associated with direct property ownership.

Our Focus on Community

We live where we invest and are committed to improving our local communities through our environmentally-focused developments and local philanthropy.


Learn more about Clarence Property’s flagship property fund. Clarence Property Diversified Fund (CPDF).

Investing in a property fund has many benefits, including:

Diversification: By investing in a property trust, you can either spread your risk across multiple properties or through a single property (known as a syndicate).

Shared risk: Because you are not the only investor/owner in a property trust, any investment outcomes will be diluted across multiple investors.

Professional management: Property trusts are usually managed by professional property managers who have the expertise and experience to maximise the return on investment.

Competitive income: Property trusts typically offer competitive income returns, which can provide a steadier stream of passive income.

Capital growth potential: If the property market experiences capital growth, your investment in a property trust is likely to increase in value.

The opportunity to own property: By investing in a property trust, you can own property without having to deal with the day-to-day hassle of being a landlord.

Tax benefits: you may benefit from the receipt of tax-free,tax-deferred income or the receipt of franking credits as a distribution of your units held in a property trust.

Ready to invest in the Clarence Property Diversified Fund?

Please read the PDS and TMD and apply through our online portal.
Clarence Property

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